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Sodalite Mala Chakra 108 bead Mala Rhodonite Mala Rose Quartz, Pearl with Sterling Silver mala beads Matte Onyx Mala Beads with Gold Dragon Guru Bead
Moonstone 108 bead Mala Matt Onyx Mala with Skull Beads Sunstone Mala Amethyst 108 bead Mala Lapis Lazuli and Gold Mala Beads
Matte Onyx Mala with Silver Dragon Guru Bead Lotus Seed 108 bead Mala Rosewood with saffron tassel 108 bead Mala Sandalwood 108 bead Mala Lapis 108 bead Mala
Bodhi Seed 108 bead Mala Dzi 108 bead Mala Turquoise 108 bead Mala Carnelian with gold 108 bead Mala Howlite 108 bead Mala
Citrine Mala Beads Pearl 108 Bead Mala Black Yak Bone 108 Bead Mala White Yak Bone 108 Bead Mala Jade with carnelian 108 bead Mala
Aventurine Mala Indian Agate 108 bead Mala Rose Quartz 108 bead Mala Crystal 108 bead Mala Matte Black Onyx Mala with Carved Guru Bead
Obsidian Mala Tiger's Eye 108 bead Mala Hematite Mala Coral 108 bead Mala Conch Shell 108 bead Mala
Onyx with jade & carnelian 108 bead Mala Malachite Mala Garnet 108 bead Mala Honeystone with jade 108 bead Mala Fluorite 108 bead Mala
Bloodstone 108 bead Mala Sardonyx 108 bead Mala Ruby Zoisite 108 bead Mala Onyx with Hand-carved Gold Dragon Beads Mala Yak Bone Mala Beads
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Brass Dragon Guru Beads

Wrist Malas with Brass Dragon Guru Bead Designed by the Tibetan Mala Shop

dark bodhi seed     |    inlaid yak bone  

Wrist Malas Emperor Collection Wrist Malas Emperor Collection

All our malas are uniquely designed & crafted at The Tibetan Mala Shop©

We are a family run business; our malas are individually hand-crafted and not mass produced.

It is our 100% guarantee you are purchasing a Tibetan Mala Shop original!

The Tibetan Mala Shop® is a registered trade mark.

"Mala" is a Sanskrit word meaning rosary or prayer beads. A mala is used for counting mantras.

Discover the benefits of using our malas.

All malas are made by hand and may vary slightly from the photos.

A percentage of the profit from online sales is used to support Tibetan refugees - please help to support Tibet.

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